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Starter Fly Pack & Mayfly Poster Combo

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Starter Flies & Box

6 proven patterns, 12 flies total, custom fly box.

All Year Long
Blue Quill Nymph

All-Purpose Nymph

Blue Quill Soft Hackle Sparkle Emerger

Tungsten Bead
Wooly Bugger

Blue Quill Magic Bubble Loopwing Emerger


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Blue Quill Leaning Parachute Dry

Adams Dry Fly

Blue Quill High-Riding Dry

Light Cahill Dry

Blue Quill Spinner

All-Purpose Dry

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18X24" POSTER - Suitable for Framing
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Everything you need to match the hatch: Flies that match all stages, custom fly box, fly-by-fly fishing instructions.

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Why I Invented Complete Hatch.

My name is Kyle Shannon and I was so frustrated trying to decode the secrets of "Matching the Hatch" that felt something had to be done.

After three years of research, and numerous attempts to reorganize existing patterns, I decided to start from scratch.Complete Hatch is the result.

All-original mayfly patterns based on the biology of the major mayfly species. 90 ALL-NEW PATTERNS, designed to let me (and now you) focus on fishing, not guessing.

I also knew that the behaviors of different mayfly species, dramatically determine where, when and HOW you should fish different flies. Based on entomological studies and years of experience on the stream, I wrote fly-by-fly fishing instructions for every different mayfly collection.

Those instructions are printed on the custom-designed Complete Hatch fly boxes, so the "secrets" are in your vest pocket, not back in some book on your shelf.

With each collection you receive

  • one Dozen flies (Two each of 6 original mayfly patterns) that match all the life stages of a single mayfly hatch,
  • Custom-designed fly box
  • plus professional fishing instructions on how, when and where to fish them.

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